Thursday, 10 September 2015

Esprit Plage - Vendres-Plage.


So in the last blog post I spoke about Sanders dad coming to stay for a week, one of the many things that we did with him was go to the beach. I've been to a lot of beaches in the South of France, most likely every single one; so when everyone asked me which one we should go to, I was kind of speechless because that really depends on what you're looking for. They just wanted to relax on the sand and splash about in the sea, so we went to Vendres-Plage.

We parked the car and had to walk along a boardwalk path, through loads of vegetation to even get close to the beach. The walk there is stunning though, the bushes are so thick you feel like you're walking through the prettiest swamp you've ever seen in your life, it feels really magical. 

Once you arrive at the beach, there's a massive sign advertising the beach bar on this part - Esprit Plage. The bar is great, one of the better ones I've seen in this region. A lot of places feel a bit too beachy for my liking, it feels like you're not really "off" the beach when you set foot in it, but Esprit Plage is completely different.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Béziers Cathedral and Colombiers for dinner.

Béziers Cathedral

A couple of weeks ago, Sander's dad came out to the South of France to visit us. One day during his holiday, we decided to visit Béziers. Having lived here for so many years, there's not much that I find interesting about it anymore, except the cathedral. We went up there and saw some amazing views, so we were up there for quite a while taking photos, and the results were beautiful.